Rotax 2 Stroke Starters

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M5 Aviation Products are the manufacturers of the new M5 Starter and a full range of spares for the original M4 Starter sold from 1993 to 2006.


As the original designer of the M4 we felt it was worthwhile to produce a new version in limited quantities and at the same time to provide compatible spares for the many M4s still in use or languishing for want of repair.

The latest production techniques have allowed us to produce high quality parts at a competitive price meaning that the original purchase price of £375.00 in 1993 has only risen to £479.00 for a new starter (inflation from 1993 - 2018 would suggest that it should be £740.00!).

If you have an existing M4 then you can now obtain replacement parts to keep it in full working order because most of the M5 parts can be used for repair.