Latest version of M5. Includes individual drilling of base plate to suit  your installation.


The M5 Starter is a limited production, re-designed version of the successful M4 Starter which was fitted to many Rotax 2 Stroke aircraft from 1993 until around 2006 when it went out of production. 


This kit will fit any of the 2 Cylinder 2-Stroke Rotax family (447, 503, 532, 582, 462 etc.). Installation is simple with the comprehensive manual included. It takes up very little space, replacing the Recoil Starter and being virtually the same dimension, most existing installations do not have to be altered.

The motor can be mounted either side of the crankcase, and you can now orientate it to suit your installation by downloading the PDF file and printing the template - offer it up to the crankcase and rotate it until you are happy the motor will be in the correct position for your installation. Mark the template at 12 O'clock to the crankcase and email a scan or photo to us with your order. Your backplate will be drilled to suit your requirements.


Weight is 3.1 kg (compared to 3.24kg for the OEM Rotax Starter)


Wiring, Battery and associated switching is NOT supplied as each installation varies. A 10Ah Battery with at least a 130amp Cold Cranking Capacity is suitable as a starter battery (such as a Motorcycle battery) is recommended. Some installations have successfully used LiON Batteries to save weight. You should satisfy yourself that the charging circuitry is suitable (some LiON Batteries require special charging stability where an additional voltage regulator is required rather the the basiic Rotax version).


Don't forget, this is the lightest Rotax Starter on the market and also the cheapest despite probably being the best available in the world and it carries a 2 year warranty!


Post and Packing UK £19.75 Other Countries please email for quote before ordering

M5 Kit 2021 Price unchanged!

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