The new design of Backplate, incorporates a laminate to avoid stress points and is now fitted with a ball race which replaces the original Oilite bearing.  


Note: The Laminate (spacer) ring is 2mm in thickness - Suitable for 447/503/462 and 582 without Hydrostatic balancer. Later 582s fitted with the balancer requires 3 x 2mm spacers. Make sure you state which you require.



M5 Back Plate Assembly with Bearing

SKU: 0004
  • If you have an original M4 Starter then you need the M4 Legacy plate. The original M4 Main Pulley is a fractionally smaller diameter and thus the pulley centres are marginally different, and the belt would be too slack using an M5 backplate. Please send us an email to support your order if you need one of these.