The Main Pulley Assembly is the heart of the M5 Starter. It will also fit the M4 without modification. This is a press-fit item requiring specialist assembly so we do not sell any components of this assembly separately

M5/M4 Main Pulley Assembly

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    M5 Starters made individually to fit your installation!

    YOU choose the orientation of your starter - Download a full size backplate template from FILESHARE, cut it out and orientate it for your installation. Make a mark at 12.00 O'Clock viewing it from the magneto end. Then imagine a centre line through the plate lengthwise and email us the 'time' (12 o'clock position being the minute hand, centre line being the hour hand) Don't forget to tell us if the fit is Carburettor side or Exhaust side! Upon receipt of order your backplate will be pre-drilled to your specification.